Click on the button below to Give to the work that God is doing through Genesis Community Church! You can give a one-time gift or set-up a regular, Automated gift. Thank you!


Online Giving Instructions

  1. Click the green button that says “Give”

  2. The page that pulls up will automatically assume that you want to give using a Credit Card. If that is the case, skip to step 5. If you would like to give directly from your Bank Account, use step 4.

  3. To give from your Bank Account, scroll down to the bottom of the form where you will see a green bar. Select the right side of the green bar that says “Bank Account”.

  4. Fill in all the relevant information. You can choose to cover the processing fees so that they are not deducted from your gift. For example: If I gave an $150 gift and I selected to cover the processing fees, my gift would jump up to around $155 so that the $5 processing fee would not have to come out of my desired gift amount to the church.

  5. If you would like to set up an automated gift to the church (so that you don’t have to think about it on a regular basis) you can select the button that says “Setup Automated Giving”.

  6. A line that says “Give:” will pop up. Click that line and then select how often you want an automatic gift to be charged  to your credit card or bank account. Follow any other prompts that pop up.

  7. You can click the box that says “Remember Me” if you would like to make future online giving easier. You will have to set up a password and PIN.

  8. Click the bottom “Give” button to give your gift and confirm your information.