September 27, 2018

Luke 19:41-42… And when he drew near and saw the city, He wept over it, saying, “Would that you, even you, had known on this day the things that make for peace. But, now they are hidden from your eyes.

            John 11:35… Jesus wept.

            This is claimed to be the shortest verse in the Bible. Because of that fact alone, it is highly honored. The verse at the top of this page also includes the same words. Don’t miss that, just because the verse isn’t special in some unimportant way. One day, I said to a Bible Discussion Group that a certain verse was the central verse of the Bible. A man said to me, “So what?” MY feelings were hurt, but my head was refocused. He was right. The location of the verse was not important; the content was. I have friends, some well meaning people, who are quite interested in the numerics of the Bible. Numbers just give us another filter through which to study Truth. My knowledge is limited because I feel the importance of learning the message and the study of numbers can be distracting and, in a way, self serving. People have a tendency to think that the filter through which they are looking makes them more mature. Ie… 5 is the number of grace. As you study the Bible, you will notice groups of 5. That refers to grace and is a reminder of how wise God is. In the Hebrew alphabet,  many of the letters have numeric value as well. We don’t have that in the English language so it is interesting to us. The study of numbers and colors is interesting to show how intricate God is; That is another filter through which to view the Bible; it is not the message.

            The verse at the top of the page is not the shortest verse in the Bible, but it shows us the heart of Jesus. That is important. Jesus wept over a city. In particular, He wept over the people of a city. Were all the people identical? Did they all believe the same thing? That is doubtful, but Jesus wept for the city. When culture accepts certain activities as good, those activities become a way of life for the community. Once that happens, it is difficult to resist, and the city has a reputation. Currently, San Francisco has a reputation. It is like a center for modern thinking… that gender identification is up to the individual… not God.