Patient Endurance

September 14, 2018

Psalms 44:23-26… Awake, why are you sleeping, oh Lord?

Rouse yourself; do not reject us forever.

Why do you hide your face?

Why do you forget our affliction and oppression?

For our soul is bowed down to the dust;

Our belly clings to the ground.

Rise up, come to our help

Redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love!

Have you ever felt like that?

I find it interesting, yet disturbing, that it is mostly followers of Jesus who deal with this type of feeling. Worldly people say, “ I need a drink.” Jesus followers say, “I need you, Jesus.” Last night, I prayed, “Can you please send good news?” I am tired of bad news. Are you tired of bad news?

I just had a thought. Recently, I have been made aware of a principle that is defined by a word… “endure.” I did not ask God to make that principle real to me, but it seems like that is what He is doing. How long, Lord, must I endure this? I just realized that I have been proud of my ability to endure. I look back over my life and I am a bit proud of what I have endured. Or, perhaps, I am proud of what I have accomplished which required endurance. This is a personal writing today. Should I send it out or write another one? Now, I think I will send this. Later, who knows?

I believe Peter, in his letter, used the phrase, “patient endurance.” Oh Lord, does impatient endurance count? It is not the same thing. “Patient endurance” requires faith… trust. I can only patiently endure when I know that He’s got this. The psalmist said, “Why do you forget?”

Have you ever felt like you have been forgotten? There was a time of loneliness, when I stared at the phone, willing it to ring. God will rarely use the phone, although don’t rule that out. Now, more than ever in history, we rely on our phones. That has only happened in the last 5% of the earth’s existence. God knows that, and communicates with us in ways we can hear. I am not saying that He will call you; I am saying, “Be aware of the world around you.” If you are “down in the dumps” these days, tell God and wait patiently for His answer. Ughg, there’s that word again, “patient”…