A New Song

September 11, 2018

Psalms 40:3… He put a new song in my heart, a song of praise to our God.

Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the lord.

            For many years I thought this was about the song. I suspect that is because I was a singer and I wanted the acclamation. But then one day, the Lord showed me that it was about the Lord changing the song of my heart.

That does not apply just to singers. Has He put a new song in your heart?

            Instead of “Woe is me” in my heart; He put in, “I’m blessed”. The thing about the verse that got me was the word, “see.” You don’t see a song, you hear one. You see the change in a person. Has God changed you so that people comment on the change?

            “Many will see and fear” That is a weird reaction to change don’t you think? The nest line completes the thought, “and put their trust in the lord.”

The fear spoken of could not be fear that we want to avoid. It must be fear of the lord… the fear we welcome and need.

            We try to avoid the fear of uncomfortable circumstances. That fear makes us act paranoid. Fear of the lord could include a thought of missing out. If you are offered an investment that you turn down, you are disturbed if it does well. You worry that you might have missed out. On a side note: most of the investments that I have tried have not worked out. At least they have not worked long term.

            What I have found is that investments in which I can put my time and my money work better for me.

            I have gotten off track. The new song in your heart is the biggie. Are you putting it there to prove your intentions, or did God put it there because you are changed? Consider that question thoughtfully. Too many Christians are trying to change on their own. ‘I am a Christian so I need to_________.” I find it delightful that God puts a new song in our hearts, which impacts people around us. No amount of effort or determination on our part can do it. Don’t bury your change under old habits and actions. Let it show. Speak differently; act differently; love differently.