August 6, 2018

Mark 1:30-31… Now Simon’s mother in law lay ill with a fever, and immediately they told Him about her. And He came and took her by the hand and lifted her up, and immediately the fever left her, and she began to serve them.

            One thing I notice when reading the gospel of Mark is his frequent use of the word “Immediately.” Apparently, in the mind of Mark, things with Jesus happened quickly.

            A little history lesson: The gospel of mark is considered by most historians to be the first gospel record written. That means that Matthew, Luke, and John had Mark to refer to when they wrote their accounts. When you do a complete study of the gospels, you will notice that each account is different from the others. In most cases the differences are slight, but one wonders why would they not be identical? They were written by humans inspired by the Holy Spirit. No 2 humans will see an event the same way. To establish facts, one must hear from 2 or 3 witnesses. 1 witness is not enough to convict someone. When Jesus was on trial, the prosecution listened to the testimony of one liar and then sought others who would collaborate his story.

            According to most historians, Mark is none other than John Mark who appears other places. (See Acts 15:36) Since Mark was not a disciple, he learned of Jesus from others. He spent quite a bit of time with Peter… enough, that some theologians think this should have been called the gospel according to Peter. In any event, this gospel shows the overarching power of Jesus on the earth.

            We must appreciate the sameness and quit arguing the differences. That is true of our study of the gospels and true also in our relationships with people.  

Only 2 of the gospels were written by disciples… Matthew and John. If you read those two letters back to back, you will noticed that they are about as different as any two testimonies can be. But you will also notice that their evaluation of Jesus is harmonious with all that we know about him. The gospels are first and foremost about Jesus. What different people saw in Him varied but He did not.

            After Jesus healed her, she began to serve them. That was her response.