August 4, 2018

Hebrews 13:5… Keep your life free from love of money and be content with what you have, for he said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

            The writer contrasts love of money with contentment.  ‘Contentment’ is a desired state of mind. Lack of contentment gives reason to love of money. It is one thing to be free from the love of money. You can possibly discipline yourself toward that end; but contentment is a state of mind that comes from trusting God.  

            Lack of contentment is, quite simply, lack of trust. Do you trust God to take care of you? Do you trust Jesus to make sure it happens? Jesus said it. We get to believe it. If we believe in Jesus, we believe He will do what He said. Ouch, jim, that’s harsh. Possibly… but that is the essence of faith. One cannot say, “I believe in Jesus” and not do what He said. In that case the statement of belief is a lie.  Trusting money to help you is admitting your Christian testimony is a sham. Wow, Jim, you are mean today. We tend to seek a balance. The balance between God and money is all or nothing. Jesus said, “You will hate one and love the other or you will despise the one and cling to the other.” I most definitely don’t hate God so I guess I hate money. But my actions don’t support that statement. So, I am in a quandary. I need money to exist on this planet but I am not to love it. I find it easier to substitute the word “trust” for “love”. I have a necessary relationship with money but I don’t trust it to take care of all my needs. At least, I try not to. This is hard… money offers immediate gratification. God offers eternal reward. In a hard time, immediate gratification is desirable. Another mindset that I find useful is the consideration that if I need money, God will provide it. Trust God to provide for your immediate needs and to also take care of your eternity. I try to do that, but my immediate stuff is screaming at me while my eternity just hangs out. Think about immediate. Is it not all related to the body? Your body is a tent, soon to return to dust from which it came. Your soul is eternal. This is ultimately about contentment. Are you content with the knowledge that God cares for your soul? Or are you perturbed by a certain lack in the care of your immediate? Seek contentment.