God is Love

August 25, 2018

Psalms 23:5… You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

            This Psalm is read often as a writing of comfort. I have heard it at funerals. The first part of this verse is, to me, anything but comforting. My enemies have been upset and jealous at the table the Lord has set for me. I think I would refer it if He prepared a table apart from my enemies, where they can’t see.

            And I have not had my head anointed with oil… unless suntan lotion counts. And that I put on myself. Read the Bible with your eyes open. What does it really say? David understood the blessing of the lord in the midst of a rebellious and hostile nation.  The table of the lord is Spiritual. We are blessed with spiritual gifts right here on earth.

            I talked with a man yesterday who has a ministry to college students to help them  know the lord while they are in college. If there is a place where God is not welcome, it is in many of our countries colleges. To get the attention of college students, many churches do programs that the kids might like… music, videos, games, outings.  In those activities, they are competing with the world. For the most part the church cannot compete with the world in those arenas. When God announced Himself to the human race, He said He was the only true God. He didn’t talk about His great accomplishments; He talked about His nature. He  loves and He creates; He has no competition. The church is the bearer of truth. Truth is the good news about God. His existence is good news. His nature is good news. His plan for people is good news. That is not always readily appreciated by humans. The lost don’t even consider that they are lost.

But, like Jesus did, we, the church, are presenting a whole new world view. We are not in competition with the views of the world; we have the only view that is true. But people respond most to physical stimulation… food, sex, flowers, hair.  What we know, if we know God, is that those thing are mere shadows of what is truly real. College students, and graduates, and those who never went to college, need to know God as Most High… all in all. Not as a better game.