We serve God

August 23, 2018

1 Peter 2:16… Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover up for evil, but living as servants of God.

            We are to live as free men and women and also servants of God. That seems like a bit of a contradiction but God is not the author of confusion so it must be doable. We are no longer evil or foolish. We are free from those powers.  We are free to live for God and the operative word Peter uses is “servant.” We live for God as servants.

Do you have a car loan? On the day you make the proper payment, you are free from that debt until the next payment is due. In the meantime, you can drive the car without any sense of doom or foreboding.  If you don’t make the payment, you owe the loan maker and the car is not legally yours. Jesus paid your debt completely; there are no more payments due. So live like you are debt free. Do we live like servants of God or do we live to avoid evil? I think… some people try to avoid evil and call that living for God.

            Living for God is living a life of freedom. If you live for God, you will not be consumed with trying to avoid evil; it will avoid you.

            We are blessed with grace. Grace is not an escape path; it is the power of God to do His will.  Grace is your friend. It is not God’s way of letting jerks like us into His presence; it is God’s powerful love given to us to enable us to live for Him. Non-believers don’t have that power. Appreciate and be grateful for grace.

            When you sin, God says, “That is covered by Jesus and is on its way out.”

And, therein is the key to living with, and for, God. He sees our sin but puts them in a faraway place under the blood of Jesus.  (Psalms 103:12) Then, rather than watch our mistakes, He looks to the future and gives us grace to move ahead. That is the life He gives us. Do not be consumed with trying to avoid potholes; find out what your car is capable of.  Live in the power of God’s grace.

Life is one big opportunity. With His power and love, live it fully, or as Jesus said, “abundantly.”  God showed me once, “Live on the offence, not the defense.” A good offence will give you a strong defense.  

Live for God; don’t live against evil.