Humbly daw near to God

July 27, 2018

Hebrews 4:16… Let us then, with confidence, draw near the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

            Have you ever been frustrated by your inability to help someone in need?

I have. I am particularly annoyed that my prayers for healing aren’t answered in the case of a young girl in a friend’s home. This verse seems to imply that we need grace to find help. I don’t think like that. I know God and I expect him to answer my prayers. But, it is still by the grace of God that I can even talk to Him. Notice the writer calls it the throne of grace. He could have just as correctly called it the throne of power. Jesus probably does not have multiple thrones. The throne of grace is not the one He picks to sit on when talking to lowlifes like me. The throne of grace is His throne.  It is from there that He governs the world and all kingdoms. He is always a gracious God, ruling with love and mercy. One thing I would say to guard against… an attitude of entitlement.

            I used to walk walls when in construction. If we were receiving trusses on a particular day, I walked a perimeter wall. On one side, the floor was about 9 feet down. On the other side, the ground could be as much as 30 feet down, if I was on a 2 or 3 story house. My tendency was to lean toward the safest landing. Over the course of many years, I fell both ways at various times. I lived but it was not always comfortable. I was not entitled to a soft landing because I was a carpenter. I had to watch my steps carefully, and to watch for outside influences. Sometimes, when the crane was setting the trusses, they would swing rather quickly in my direction. If I was not braced they could knock me right off the wall. I could not stay safe by reminding the trusses that I was there first. I was allowed to be there but I was at the mercy of the greater power. When you approach God, you are allowed to be there but always remember, you are in the presence of the greatest power known to man. We are not entitled to his power working everything out the way we want. We are entitled to know him, and that is our place of refuge.

            When the storms of life come against you, Let God keep you in the center of the wall. Don’t trust your intellect or your power. He has ALL power.