Be Courageous

July 25, 2018

Hebrews 3:6… Christ is faithful over God’s house as a Son. And we are His house if indeed we hold fast to the confidence and our boasting in our hope.

            This takes it a step beyond believing. Believe, absolutely. But, then, hold fast to the confidence that we have in Jesus. A couple years ago I used the term to describe my condition… “discouraged.” I used it often. I considered it a safe explanation of a condition over which I had no control. No big deal, right?

            One day I was reading one of the old writers that I highly respect… possibly A. W. Toser or C. S. Lewis. In whatever I was reading he said, “discouraged is not a condition, it is a sin.” I was not happy with that evaluation but I ‘heard’ the lord say, “Listen to him.” What was I discouraged about? Things weren’t turning out as I hoped they might. Or in other words, “Lord, you aren’t doing as good a job as I hoped.” I was not truly trusting God.  We might consider lack of trust as a missed opportunity; God considers it sin. Lack of trust leads to disobedience. For the first time, I saw discouragement as dishonoring God.

            The writer of this letter tells us to hold fast to confidence and hope. When discouraged, I lacked both. We have been given confidence in God. He has given us no reason to doubt. That reminds me of a Jason Upton song that I need to listen to again… it’s been awhile. “Hold fast” is an action; it is more than an attitude. If I put you on the end of a rope and say, “Don’t let go”, what does that  mean to you? To me, it means the same as “Hold fast”. This scripture suggests a possibility… confidence and hope are potentially slipping away. We think we have something… done deal… only to find that we have a hole in our bucket. And we do. Mine might be caused by discouragement; Yours might be caused by anger. Or, by greed, or judgment, or lies you need to remember, or ? .  For some reason, what we put good things in is eroded and things are lost.

            Check your bucket. Don’t let confidence and hope slip away. Hold tightly to  them. God has given them to you. Satan may try with you, as he does me, to fill your bucket with discouragement and unbelief. Tell him to get his own bucket and stay away. Tell him that confidently. God is the author of courage… not you. Get tougher skin; we need tougher skin.