Say AND Do

July 12, 2018

Matthew 21:28-31a… What do you think? A man had 2 sons. He went to the first and said, “Go and work in the vineyard today.” He answered, “I will not”, but afterward, he changed his mind and went. He went to the other son ad said the same. He answered, “I go, sir”, but did not go. Which of the 2 did the will of the father? They said, “The first.”

            I noticed a bunch of stuff in this parable today. Of the first son, it was said, “He changed his mind.” I just thought of an old song… this could age me, with a line that says, “my mind’s made up by the way that I feel.” What song is it? There seems to be some truth in that line. I often think what I think because of consequences and how I might be affected. If my mom or dad asked me to weed the garden, I rarely did it because it was the right thing to do; mostly, I just did not want to face the consequences of not doing it. To what do you attribute your mindset? Do you fear consequences? Do you anticipate pleasure? Your mind is made up by the way that you feel. Our minds should be made up by our relationship to truth. “He is my dad and he asked me to do something. I will do it.”

            Another thing I notice about this parable is, to me, the obvious. We don’t live life just by what we say; we live by what we do, also. I remember a conversation with my mom, when she was an older woman. She said, regarding Christianity, “It is becoming all about words… just words.” At the time, preachers were telling us to watch our confessions. “Don’t be negative or doubting.” What was set aside in that emphasis was, “Love your neighbor.”

Have you discovered , as I have, it’s hard to remember everything the Bible says on every topic? My morning reading challenges me to listen each day. I read according to a reading plan that has been put together by someone. The beauty of it is that the Bible is all relevant and pertinent. The further beauty is that I don’t get to choose and pick what I want to read. It is predetermined. I have written several times over the past month or two about talking the talk. Today I am reminded that talk ought to precede action. They work together. Don’t blab.