With ALL your heart

June 5, 2018

Proverbs  3:5… Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

            In the last 7 years the Lord has impressed this verse on my heart. I have been aware of it most of my life, but it has become more real lately. If you find that a certain verse is alive in your heart, treasure it. It could be the Holy Spirit reminding you because of upcoming importance.

            When we started the branch in 2011, I had hope and vision for growth and prosperity. I speak not of personal financial prosperity; I hoped for a prosperous, thriving church. Things did not always go smoothly and I was disappointed in myself. At that moment, I was reminded of the verse I am quoting today. I was leaning on my own understanding… God was saying, “Trust me.” The recent move to Arizona has been because of failure, (my own understanding) or, it I was following the Lord, trusting Him. Today’s verse helps me to hope in the future and not dwell on the past. Hope encourages me to face today with anticipation… not regret.

            Are you plagued with regret because things have not turned out the way you expected or wanted? Perhaps your expectations were based on your own understanding of how things should be; trust God. Let go of the rope that you tied around the past and let God lead you into the future without that baggage.

My friend says that this verse has been real to him lately and the word “all” has become important. Our tendency is to trust in the lord with the leftovers of our hearts. We trust so many things to watch over us: things like savings accounts, insurance, education, health, accumulation of worldly goods, and “real” estate. With what is left in our divided hearts, we trust in the Lord. God is patient. We can start there, but His desire for us is to trust Him, only. That is not His desire for His sake; it is His desire for our sake. He will care for us better than all the stuff of life that we trust in.

            So, set your goal to trust in him with your whole heart. If you are like me, human, you will find that there are lifelines that you need to let go of. Let go; He doesn’t need any help. He is fully trustworthy.