Anxiety aboput the Future

June 26, 2018

Matthew 6:34… Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow. Sufficient for today is its own trouble.

            This morning’s reading was from verse 25 to verse 34. When I read it, I realized I wrote yesterday on verse 25. Verse 25 was not in yesterday’s reading. If you are one who follows the same reading program I do, I apologize for jumping ahead yesterday and causing confusion. I am reminded, though, about the unchallengeable nature of truth. It is always right and always leads us carefully. Thank you Lord. So, today’s verse is much like yesterdays. But, I want to point out a different aspect of anxiety. This time I am writing about “anxious anticipation.”

            Anticipation is a joy and a curse. In anticipation of joy, we await the goodness of hope fulfilled. In anticipation of trouble, we await the evil that could befall us. Contained in the joy of hope is the thought that it might never happen. We call that “honest appraisal”. Hope is tied to faith. (See Hebrews 11:1) Faith is a value in our relationship to God; it is not a value in our relationship to this world. This world cannot make good out of evil or blessings out of nothing. Only God can do that. Since hope is included in the definition of faith, we value hope in our relationship with God. If God has given you hope for a situation that is bothersome to you, consider who has made the promise. You have faith in Him… not in the changing of the circumstance. Too often, we study the circumstance instead of knowing God. “Ah, there is no cure for that disease”, we say glumly. Meanwhile Jesus showed us that nothing was too hard for God… even bringing the dead back to life.  I, personally, never doubt God; I doubt myself, and therefore I doubt what God says about me. That is a form of doubting God. Here is an adjustment I have had to make. When I am talking to God, I must be brutally honest. When I am talking to the world or someone in the world, I must be faithfully true to what God says.  To God, I say, “I am human and capable of every failure known to man.” To the world, I say, “God calls me His son because of Jesus.” Both statements are true but who they are told to differs. Don’t let “anticipation of failure” be your mantra.  Expect God!