June 19, 2018

Proverbs 17:22… A joyful heart is good medicine; but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

            Some proverbs are packed with life. This is like that for me. In King James, it reads, “A merry heart does good like a medicine…” There was a season of time when teachers said that if we looked to doctors for healing, we were ignoring God and the power in faith. I was young then and impressionable; so I tried to follow their advice. But I could not ignore certain evidence. Aspirin helped my head aches.

            One day, God showed me that Solomon agreed. He used joyful heart and medicine in the same sentence. He could have said, “A joyful heart is like a child playing in a mud puddle.” He didn’t. He compared it to medicine. Apparently, medicine has been around a long time. By comparison, he says that medicine can be good for what ails you. That being said, the proverb reminds us that the best medicine is a joyful heart. Have you ever considered that? A joyful heart leads you into health. It does that through joyful thoughts. What you think affects what you say and do. My wife is a joyful person. She has been called, “Pollyanna” by certain stick-in-the-mud people. I am less positive than her, but I am honest about the big picture. She rarely gets sick. Plus, relief from medicine is usually temporary. A joyful heart is like medicine, temporary. And it is not a formula. A merry heart is a condition of life, not a quick fix when you don’t feel good. People, who live with a merry heart, are more likely to feel good on a daily basis.  And, they tend to be more hopeful for others. I have watched as Karla has had hope for a seemingly hopeless situation. I have also noticed when someone negative keeps pouring water on her hope, she can lose it. Joy is like medicine… it has value when it is active.

            Have you noticed the affect of a crushed spirit? Dry bones quit producing blood. Currently, in the marrow of your bones new blood is being created and blood carries healing and life to the body. Have you heard the phrase, “bitter old man”? I have known a few and they are intolerable. A child has joy. Hang on to that joy. We enter God’s kingdom like a child… joyful and full of hope.