Try Peanut Butter

May 15, 2018

1 Thessalonians 2:7… But we were gentle among you like a nursing mother taking care of her own children.

            On Sunday, Mother’s day, Pastor Sarah preached a sermon about the mother heart of God. I have thought about it before, but I don’t think I had ever heard a sermon about it. She is the pastor who will be taking care of Genesis Community Church when we leave for Phoenix at the end of this month. She is a wonderful person and a great servant of our Lord. 

            Anyway, the mother side of God is real. In today’s verse, Paul shows that it continues in the church. He, the apostle who first preached to the people he is writing to, compares his attitude to that of a nursing mother. He used the word, “like.” He wasn’t claiming the heart of a mother; he was claiming to be like a mother. Being aware of the mothering heart of God is helpful in times of distress. I usually went first to my mom when I was distressed. She comforted me and that is what I needed/desired. Dad could teach me and explain the situation but, I really desired comfort.

            Sometimes, we get enamored with the Bible. It is my anchor is this world.

But, it is simply a collection of words, if I don’t live it. Today, I am being encouraged to receive comfort from God. Sometimes, I seek understanding, which is my fall back. It can lead to deception but God is gracious with me and I am not deceived by understanding. The Biblical warning is not just about having understanding; it is about leaning on my understanding. We are to lean on God, not our understanding of Him.

            Today, I want comfort. I can explain why but that is not what God is telling me. Does anyone else want comfort today? You just feel that need. Well guess what? God gives comfort as well as instruction in righteousness. Receive comfort, unashamedly. And on the flip side of that, give comfort unashamedly.

When I was a single dad, raising 3 children, I wanted them to have the comfort of a mother. I felt it but didn’t actually have it. In my efforts to comfort them I came up with this: When they came to me hurt, I put peanut butter on their owie.  They laughed because it was funny. I thought, “Yes… it worked.”