Stay the Course

April 11, 2018

2 Corinthians 3:18… And we all with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.

            This chapter describes the relationship between the Law and Christ. The Law is completed by Jesus. It had the role, in the cosmos, of preparing all humanity for Jesus. Since Jesus has come, we now believe that He is our Savior. The Law described a perfect sacrifice. Jesus was/is perfect.  The glory He had while on earth was minor compared to the glory He received from God when He rose from the dead. We follow Him in glory. We will never be exactly like Him; but, we will be transformed from one degree of glory to another. That is happening, not by our efforts, but by the Spirit of the Lord.

            Humans tend to stop progress when they reach a certain goal. I suspect that is why the Lord is doing this transformation. If a man has a drinking problem, he feels like he has arrived when he no longer has that problem. The same is true with other problems like compulsive gambling, out of control anger, and sexual perversion. So much attention is put toward stopping an addiction, it feels like victory when it happens. It is a victory of sorts, but it is not total transformation. We are headed toward a new degree of glory, which will not be measured by physical activity, but by God who sees in the Spirit into the hearts of men and women.

            I wrote awhile back to not quit. Continue steadfastly in the pursuit of truth and in following Jesus.  That writing has stuck with me because I often fail to do what is right; but as long as I get up after each failure and plead with God to not leave me alone, I reposition myself on His path. Today, this writing seems like a continuation… “Don’t quit.” This time, however, it is not “Don’t quit when you fail,” but, instead, is, “Don’t quit when you succeed.” When you experience a victory, remember to thank God but get right in His path again. Your transformation is not yet complete. Glory is ahead of us. We have a glorious future. The race is not over.  As long as we are alive, we are running. That gets tiring… but the prize is worth the exercise.