The Fear of God

March 5, 2018

Romans 3:18… There is no fear of God before their eyes.

            Verses 10 through 18 are quoted from various places in the Old Testament, showing that God knew beforehand how people were going to act. The ‘fear of the Lord’ is a hotly contested Bible truth. God gives us love, peace and joy and takes away fear. Right? ‘Fear of the Lord’ is not like any other fear.

We fear things like cancer, running out of savings, and being disliked by other people. Many of our life choices are predicated by fear. God knows that and sees that we don’t fear Him, the only one with the power to kill both the body and the soul. When we don’t fear the Lord, we are showing carelessness about our soul. Mostly we are preoccupied with our bodies and our physical safety. God lives in eternity and has made arrangements for us to join him there. He cares about our souls, which will join Him in eternity.

            The ‘fear of God’ is not being afraid of God. It is awareness of His power and greatness… more like awe than fear. I am in awe of police officers. I am not afraid of them, but I fear what they will do to me if I break the law. And that is my relationship with God as well. I don’t fear that He is going to hurt me but I want to obey Him so that I don’t cross Him.

            Another possible scenario: God loves me. I fear that he could take away that love. A couple days ago, I read Psalms 63…

Psalms 63:3… Your steadfast love is better than life.

            David gave us that perspective.  In that case, we could imagine losing our life before we could imagine losing God’s love. Have you ever feared loss of love? Specifically, the love of someone you care for. That is a deeply rooted fear, not like fear of death. I have noticed that many older people fear the loss of love from their kids. It seems to be a bit of an epidemic these days. When those same kids were little, they feared that their parents loved a sibling more than them. Where love is, there is fear also.  I have not thought that before, so I present it as a ponder rather than a proven fact. If we love God, we fear that He might change His mind and not love us anymore. But He promised, through Jesus, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Thank you, God.