Raised High

March 29, 2018

1 Corinthians 6:14… God raised the Lord and will also raise us up by His power.

            We are lifted above the perils and dangers of this life by the power of God and not by our good decisions. Actually, that is a bit off; we make the decision to trust God with our whole heart. That decision includes Him raising us up. Many people attempt to raise themselves up. We attempt to ‘pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps.’ The American dream feeds our egos. We are independent and encouraged to turn that into a profitable life. The phrase ‘self made millionaire’ is considered praise for someone. Interdependence is encouraged only as it helps one’s self-realized goals.

            I am a ‘self made’ failure, according to some measurements. That is not a prophecy that I must fulfill. But… if I say that I trust the Lord with all my heart, I must do just that; otherwise, I am lying. His power can raise me above anything I can accomplish on my own. I just realized how foolish it is to pull one’s self up by his own bootstraps. I cannot pull myself above where I already am.

            God can raise us up above all that we see. He lifts us above the tears and dangers of life and He also lifts us above the temporary pleasures. And that is a problem for us. We learn to enjoy temporary pleasures; it’s what we know. If I rise above them, do I leave them behind? Yes, we do, in favor of permanent pleasure in the presence of the Lord. And that presents us with a problem. Do I value God more than I value pleasures?

            The answer to that question is complicated. When we know God, all other pleasures drop off the radar. We don’t actually make a comparison. Instead, we enter a realm of life that we were created for but have wandered from. When God reconciled us to himself in Christ, He did more than allow us into His throne room; He accepted us into His life. We like the idea of access to the king. But what about the idea of an invitation to play polo? I made that up from a movie or something; I have never played polo. By His great power, God lifts us into His presence. He does more than give us access to his power. Are we ok with that? Mostly, we want access to circumstance-changing power. But, He gently calls us to Himself, His love and His mercy.