November 22, 2018

John 14:18… I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

            This is a simple little promise in a chapter of promises. It might be easy to gloss over this, but these are the words of Jesus. We dare not gloss over them.

What is an orphan? My memory tells me that an orphan is a child without active parents. Our Father is actively parenting us. Jesus is actively caring for us. We are not orphans. And this is a promise…”I will come to you.” In another teaching, He said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Today’s words are not referring to his second coming. He will not leave us… and come back someday.

            “I will not leave you…” Any separation that we feel is on our part. We sometimes leave Him. One way that we leave Him is by pursuing religion instead. My definition of religion is “Man’s attempts to please God through ritual and repetition.” God does not need religion to know us. And we don’t need to do things correctly in order to be known; “I will never leave you…”

Orphans might be inclined to try to outdo other orphans to get attention. Jesus removes all competition with His expression of love. And love is the summation of the law. Ask yourself and answer… “Do I believe in God’s love?”

            “I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you.” Do you believe that?

Or, maybe another question… Do you believe that is enough? We have a tendency to think that we must do more. “More” means something different to each one of us. If Jesus is giving all of us relationship, why would we want more? The world defines for us how we ought to act. Religion asks, “Are you doing all you can do?” When we try to answer that question, the answer is usually, “I don’t know.” What you really need is God in your life. What we are told by unknowing people is that we need more activity. All we need is God.

And, He has promised. He did not promise more activities; He promised love. God is not asking something of us that He won’t do. He won’t leave us… don’t leave Him for religious activities.