The Words of God

November 20, 2018

John 12:48-49… The one who rejects me and does not receive my words has a judge; the word that I have spoken will judge him on the last day. For I have not spoken on my own authority, but the Father who sent me has himself given me a commandment… what to say and what to speak.

            Jesus’ words define who He is. One cannot say they love Jesus but reject His words. In fact, when we love God’s word, we show our love for Jesus. The Bible is more than a “Good Book.” It is a compilation of God’s words. Owning a Bible is not our testimony of God’s greatness; knowing the contents of it is what we need. I have known people who have said to me, “I read the Bible”… and then they have proceeded to tell me what it says. The word “read” in that quote is the past tense, like “red.” Some people read through the Bible when they were young, in classes.                

            I find it interesting that people will speak with authority about what the Bible says when they read it once, years ago. Mostly, what we remember is what we have heard on line or on a broadcast. When someone takes the time to make a video, we tend to believe it more. That is unfortunate. Jesus said, on a number of occasions, “Have you not read?” That question defines our path. He did not say, ‘Have you not seen the video?”  Don’t be content to have a Bible in your house and to read ‘Jim’s daily journal’, and have opinions that you assume are correct; read your Bible.  When the children of Israel were walking through the desert, God sent them manna from heaven to eat. Manna was sent from heaven, the food of angels. God gave some specific instructions about manna.

“Gather every morning, enough for the day. Don’t try to make it last more than a day.” Our ‘bread from heaven’ is God’s word. We are to gather it daily. Our memories are tainted by sin. That is why we must read daily. We will tend to remember things according to feelings. Some things make us feel good; some make us hurt. We will avoid the memories that hurt and repeat the ones that felt good. God’s plan for us is to live according to what He gives us daily… not what we think we remember. Don’t be content with yesterday’s ‘ba-manna bread.’ Read daily. Know God. He is alive and speaking.