Obedience Defined

October 25, 2018

Romans 16:19… Your obedience is known to all so that I rejoice over you, but I want you to be wise as to what is good and innocent as to what is evil.

            Many popular tv shows magnify evil and the works of darkness. Some of our neighbors decorate their houses for Halloween. In the American culture, it is easier to watch and learn evil than it is good. I just implicated Halloween. I don’t mean to go there. For most people, it is just a day for treats. And kids go from house to house, all dressed up and carrying bags of candy. I used to enjoy staying with a friend in town and opening the door, seeing the costumes. Mostly, the kids were cute and respectful. Karla and I lived in one house, back in Oregon, where the kids came in a steady stream. I drove to the tore once before the night started and twice during the entourage of kids, because we ran out of candy. It was a good night for dentists. The kids acted less than thrilled if we tried to give them a healthy treat.

            Halloween is a good time to teach kids about giving and receiving. And it is a good time to teach moderation, and contentment. However, it is also a time of exalting darkness… witches, and goblins, and death. I don’t even know what a goblin is. I just looked it up and apparently it is a monstrous creature from European folklore… definitely evil looking. Paul instructs us to be innocent as to what is evil. As you probably said to your kids and heard from others, “make good choices.” The eye is the window to the soul. What does your eye feast on in a given day? Whatever you look at is what your soul ‘sees’. Be innocent as to what is evil. The other part of this statement is also important… “Be wise as to what is good.” Fill your eye with good. Karla and I watch mostly faith-based movies. Often they are not very entertaining. The plot is thin and the acting is weak. But, we find that they mostly support good and oppose evil. We open our windows to that.

            Some people study false religions, hoping to better understand them. I don’t know if that pursuit is valid or not but one thing I know… in all of our studies, we need to study God. Don’t neglect that. He is worthy of all our praise and all of our attention. Seek to know Him.