Faith or Fear

October 17, 2018

Romans 10:17… So faith comes from hearing and hearing through the word of Christ.

            Some teachers have changed the meaning of this verse to make it seem like one event. “Faith comes by hearing the word of Christ.” If you compare that to what was written, you will notice an obvious difference. Hearing the word of Christ opens our hearing which allow for faith. Id a man stands on a street corner reading the word of Christ, some hearing it will respond with faith. Some will respond with ridicule. Some have active ‘spiritual’ ears while others only have physical ones. Jesus said on a number of occasions, “He who ha ears to hear” In an average crowd, everyone had ears. Unless a person was deaf, he could hear. Jesus was speaking to another hearing dimension.

            Because I have worked a lot with music, when I listen to music, I hear things that are easily missed by the untrained ear. If I compare that to the verse at the top of the page, I can imagine that faith comes by immersion in the word of Christ, and  because of that constant exposure, I have faith. As I read the word of Christ, my hearing improves… is activated. With active hearing, my faith comes alive. Some people don’t feed their faith. But, that is a rule in life… “Feed your faith.” In addition… “Starve your fears.”

            Many Bibles set on shelves.   They are not being read. In some of those homes the news is on T.V. all day long. The news feeds our fears. It contradicts faith. I have been studying at the clubhouse lately. I choose to sit in a corner where I can’t hear the T.V. that some people come to watch. I am attempting to feed my faith and the T.V. feeds my fears. If your faith is wavering and weak, try turning the T.V. off and ignore the news. I thumbed through a People Magazine at the doctor’s office recently and I did not know the people on the pages. I am out of touch with the actors and actresses and musicians who are popular today. It makes for some stilted conversations, but I don’t live with continual fear. Your faith counters your fears. Faith is necessary for pleasing God, Faith is necessary for living according to God’s words. God’s word leads us to the winning side. That does not inspire fear. We are told to endure, as needed.