Living Faith

October 10, 2018

Romans 4:20&21… No distrust made Abraham waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what He promised.

            Abram, his name before God changed it to Abraham, grew in faith. He is called the father of the faithful, and yet he grew in faith; he didn’t already have the full abundance we desire. In this letter to the Romans, Paul knew he was writing to Jews and non-Jews alike. Abraham was a big shot from Jewish history. He was the father, chosen by God, who started the race we know as Israel and which are being called Jews here. Remember, when you think of Israel the country or Jews living around the world, they didn’t exist until God called them into existence. Israel is unique and special in that regard.

            We, too, have that same distinction. We believe in God; we have faith in Him, but our faith might not be full grown yet. Abraham’s grew as he gave glory to God. He did not wake up one day, and realizing he had faith, gave glory to God. He gave glory to God when his faith was immature. Instead of focusing on his faith, he focused on God. As he did, his faith grew. In that regard, he is our mentor. We don’t copy Abraham because he was Abraham; we copy his unquenchable love for God. Do you give God the glory in all things?   

              Do you know who is the most difficult god who challenges the greatness of our God? I’ll give you a hint. It is not the Devil. It is you; it is ME. We are our own worst enemy. We are in competition with God. At least we are willing to be. You ask, “How can that be? I am not in competition with God.” We compete with Him in giving glory. For our status at work, we give glory to ourselves. unless, we have been overlooked for a promotion; then we blame others. Giving glory to God is more than putting His name at the top of our praise list. It involves thinking, believing, that He deserves all praise. It is more than singing a humble song; it is believing that we are less than He is. It is more than talking about faith. It is having faith. Don’t settle for talking about your faith; live according to your faith. The world needs more than good words; it needs God.