Psalms 7:12- … If a man does not repent, God will whet His sword; He has bent and readied His bow; He has prepared for him his deadly weapons, making His arrows fiery shafts.

            We can escape evil by hiding in Christ; we can escape God’s wrath by repenting. Who needs to repent? Everyone.

            How does one repent? The word for ‘repent’ implies turning away from. The completed picture includes turning toward something else. Simply turning away from an evil activity is not sufficient; we will likely return to it. We need to fill the void with something else. We need to engage our senses in something else. Jesus died for more than turning away from activities; the repentance that He died for is turning away from the reason for the activities. Once again, we see that turning away is only the beginning. We turn away from  unbelief… but then, we must fill the space with faith. It is good to no longer have unbelief, but that is only the beginning. We believe and because of that we trust God. Our faith is in Him. 

            Stopping an activity to avoid punishment is not complete repentance.  That goes on daily, even by evil men and women.  For the most part, people try to avoid punishment.  Repentance is motivated partly by sadness. We are sad that we added to the Lord’s grief.

Verse 11…God is a righteous judge and a God who feels indignation every day.

            Living without faith is rejection of God’s gift. Have you ever experienced the ungratefulness of a child? Sometimes, it takes the form of entitlement. Kids act as if, since they are our child, they deserve our care and love. (and money) How often do we treat our heavenly Father in the same manner? Faith expresses gratefulness. Selfishness expresses entitlement. We need to repent of selfishness; it is a primary life attitude. It lies behind all decisions. It does not just show up at times. We are quick to repent of evil ways! But, what about selfish ways? “Whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” Selfishness is not of faith.  Entitlement is not an expression of faith. “The just shall live by faith.” Do you need to repent? Probably, we all do. Re