Make Your Requests Known

Psalms 4:1… Answer me when I call, oh God of my righteousness! You have given me relief when I was in distress. Be gracious to me and hear my prayer.

            Lately, I have been consumed with the idea of prayer. I am encouraged and disheartened at the same time.

·      Encouraged… because I believe God answers prayer.

                      … because we are invited to talk to the God of the universe.

                      … because there are no special requirements of me.

                      … because it can be in communion with the Spiritual forces.

·      Disheartened… because so many prayers seem to be unanswered.       

                         … because there is no immediate feedback.

                         … because I am not sure how I am supposed to do it.

                         … because I feel so unable to pray effectively.

I used the word disheartened instead of discouraged because I am trying to eliminate ‘discouragement’ from my explanation of feelings. I don’t know if ‘disheartened’ is any better but I am trying to change.

I am writing about prayer. I have been reading some books which were written by strong prayer warriors. Even that word bugs me… Is prayer a weapon of war?

One writer, G C Bevington, said that he prayed intensely, and specifically.

Another one, Charles Finny, prayed and had others pray too for every revival he was involved in.  

My friend, Mike, said, “Make all your requests known to God.” “Notice”, he says, “it does not say ‘demands’.” God loves us. We know and trust that. We are not entitled.

            This past week Karla and I made our requests known to God in a specific area. We were uncharacteristically detailed. He answered our prayer and every detail was addressed. Wow! In light of that, I am now telling people to be specific with God. In one verse this morning, David says, “Answer me, be gracious to me, and hear me.” When you pray, request that God answers you.