His Favor

January 31, 2018

Psalms 30:5… For His anger is but for a moment and His favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.

            I have known the second part of that verse for a long time but not the first part. I believe the second half is quoted in the New Testament. Anyway, the first part is an interesting comparison between sadness and joy. I say, “sadness” because when God is angry, I am sad. The comparison between God’s anger and His favor is the comparison between a moment and a lifetime. That is great encouragement regarding His favor.  I have sort of avoided thoughts about God’s favor because they seem self-serving. I wonder if I have trapped myself in sadness by doing that? Perhaps thoughts of God’s favor are good for my emotional environment. I hear talk about it and read promises but I disqualify myself in the interest of humility.

            This is a monster morning for me in my devotion time. It is messing with the core of who I am. Sometimes the Bible adjusts our thinking a bit; sometime, it tears it down and starts over. Today, is the latter. I write this knowing that it is now ‘out there.’ I am responsible for what I think. Here is a crossroad: If I think that I am disqualified from God’s favor, I am still safe. However, if I think that he then withholds it, I am wrong. I am disqualified from His favor, but by grace, His, I receive it anyway. So, my point of error is my difficulty accepting His grace, and not the ugliness of my sin.

            I just had s thought. I, as an earthly father, would not want any of my children to think I am mad at them. I have been mad at each one of them at various times but it is not an ongoing emotion. Considering that, I can see how God, the Father, is not perpetually mad at me. I think I am beginning to accept God’s favor. And that brings me to another crossroad. Just because I know something does not guarantee that I will live according to its truth. I must choose the path of embracing it. I have pushed God’s favor away and gone another route for my whole life. This happened as I attempted to do right. I must go back to that crossroad and go the other direction. The dangers that I see regarding accepting God’s favor will be dealt with as I come across them.