The Glory of the Lord

January 27, 2018

Psalms 26:8… Oh lord, I love the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells.

            Do you love the glory of the Lord? Do you know what His glory is? Unless you have lived in the presence of the lord, you don’t know what it is. Well- meaning church attendees have tried to tell us what the presence of the lord is. It sounds comforting and desirable. And it is desirable; but it is not always comforting. The presence of the Lord is perfect. We don’t fare well in perfection. We are imperfect. Unless, we are hidden in Christ… then His perfection is ours. When we experience the presence of the lord while we are in our human, unredeemed, state, it is frightful. It is not something we love.

            I have been using the phrase “presence of the lord” while David used “glory of the Lord” . In so doing I am not saying that they are the same thing exactly.  But, “glory” is difficult to define. But it includes the presence of the Lord so I use it thusly. At the dedication of Solomon’s temple, it is written that the glory of the Lord filled the temple with ‘smoke’ and the priests could no longer stand to minister. (2 Chronicles 5:13-14) The ‘glory of the lord’ is His presence to a certain degree.  One cannot experience God while just hearing about Him. You have to enter His world.

            Telling someone about God is valuable but they will not ‘get it’ until they enter His world. We process information about God the same way that we process information about volcanoes or anything for that matter. We draw conclusions by how things relate to what we already know. God is above and beyond anything we already know so our human reasoning doesn’t work. We only appreciate Him by faith, a gift He gives us when we come to Him.

            In reference to today’s reading, I would like to say that the glory of the Lord is not desirable to one who is only trying to understand it. It is desired by the one who knows the Lord and has experienced him in relationship. If you are ‘looking in’ from the outside, trying to decide about God, you don’t have the tools. Come to the Lord in prayer and honest repentance and He will let you experience His glory.